Friday, December 31, 2010

थिंग्स ठाट इ Like

Strawberry Amlets and Tall Furry Wookies, Dogs that Bark Silence and Computor Chip Cookies, Mermades Ride Sound Waves that Caress the Beach, These Are A few Of the Things that I Like.

When The Frog Flys and Spilagtites, oh When I feel like HEll , I just Remember all the things that I Like , Then I Fell Swell.

Smooth Eye Ball Sandwitches and Talking Farm Creatures, Folks Dresseed up Like Nuns and Preists in The Bleechers.

Clowns who fly Bicycles off of roof tops at Night, These are a Few Of The Things That I like.

When the Cat-A-Pillars, when The Daff-o-dillars , when I'm a Horny Toad. I Just Fantasize about the Things That I Like and Then Someone Mistakes Me For Someone Who's Old.

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