Friday, December 31, 2010

थिंग्स ठाट इ Like

Strawberry Amlets and Tall Furry Wookies, Dogs that Bark Silence and Computor Chip Cookies, Mermades Ride Sound Waves that Caress the Beach, These Are A few Of the Things that I Like.

When The Frog Flys and Spilagtites, oh When I feel like HEll , I just Remember all the things that I Like , Then I Fell Swell.

Smooth Eye Ball Sandwitches and Talking Farm Creatures, Folks Dresseed up Like Nuns and Preists in The Bleechers.

Clowns who fly Bicycles off of roof tops at Night, These are a Few Of The Things That I like.

When the Cat-A-Pillars, when The Daff-o-dillars , when I'm a Horny Toad. I Just Fantasize about the Things That I Like and Then Someone Mistakes Me For Someone Who's Old.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Odds

I would like to thank My Friend Polly for Dancing and letting me post this video, even though she feels that her dancing was illeffected by her drinking a strawberry ale just pryer to the recording.

Subtitle 1998

This is the silent video recording for the song "Subtitle" from "Subconscious Garage sale (1996) . It was filmed in 1998 by Brabdon Garretson. It features Cecilia Messiano, Tim Johnson and Kenny Goodwin, and Wooden Thomas. Directed by Wooden.

Fade Out

Recorded in Clark NJ October 2010, with Dancer and Poet Polly Bonasera ( see "Write To Theropy" here on BlogSpot), Fade Out is a song that makes reference to classic rock songs by Parody of lyric matter.

One Minute Musings 1

There are seven of these "One Minute Musings" At the end of the video you will see the menue, featureing the other six.

Astronaut Girl

Filmed in Millington Nj. Wooden Thomas sings about an Astonaughtical Herine. Naomi, and Miranda Smith star as the Fairie chasers. ( 2005)

Ape Poopie

The grave of Love here Proves that Love is Dead. However Wooden Thomas sings about being Ape Poopie about Love anyway.

Saint Lorax Medly

The Deleware Water Gap is Beautiful. The water at Van Campen's Glen is very Cold in November. This 2009 video shows Wooden Praying to Saint Lorax who speaks for the TREES. Trees are vital in their Importance to sustain Life on Earth. "I wanna Hold Your Foot: is faetured in this Medly, as well as a description of a Seinfeld Episode. Beachet Ball is fun!

Cyclops Girl

Like A Rolling Fork

Cold Spaghetti

Astral Tide

The Pet Goat

Juniper Berries for a Roller Skating Girl

X-eyed Trophy Bride